The Brock Family


Steve and Becky Brock own a 900-cow family dairy farm. Steve grew up milking cows on his mother and father’s farm and is passing his love of dairy farming onto his children.


The Crandall Family


Brad and Monica Crandall are now the fifth generation to own Crandall Dairy Farms. Every day, they care for 330 milking cows and 240 heifers.


The Horning Family


The Horning family, now in its sixth generations as Michigan dairy farmers, care for 450 cows and raise crops on 750 acres. The farm is a partnership between Jeff and his father Earl.


Jeff manages the daily operations of the dairy, and he is committed to creating a good working environment for employees. He currently serves on the board of directors of NorthStar Cooperative, which has led to his involvement in the Dairy Herd Improvement Association and the Universal Lab Services board, which provide milk testing and laboratory facilities for farmers. Jeff is active as a county 4-H dairy judging and 4-H dairy quiz bowl coach, as well as serving on various committees of Michigan Milk Producers Association (MMPA). He has also worked as a township trustee and planning commission member. Jeff’s wife, Lynda, manages the books and information for the farm, takes care of calves, and serves as the county Farm Bureau Rural Education Days co-chair the County Farm Bureau Promotion & Education Chair and a MMPA Dairy Communicator.


Earl is a past member of the United Dairy Industry of Michigan board of directors, and his wife, Diane, is a past Michigan Farm Bureau Promotion and Education committee member. Jeff and Lynda have three children who are the third generation to attend Michigan State University.  All four of their grandparents, and both parents are MSU graduates. Katelyn graduated from MSU in 2014 and is working full time on the farm.

Katelyn’s husband, Joe works for MMPA as a member representative along with helping on the farm on weekends. Natalie will graduate from MSU this week, majoring in Agriculture Education and Mason just completed his first year at MSU.

 Horning farms is located across the road from a large lake where the family and community members enjoy recreational activities. The Hornings are proud to be part of Michigan’s strong dairy industry, providing jobs for the community and their state.