Michigan Milk Cup Featured Farmer: JEM-LOT Dairy

JEM-LOT Dairy is a 6th generation dairy farm in Westphalia, MI. The name is the first letter of each of the owners. J-john, E-Eugene, M-micheal, L- Leroy, O-Oscer, and T- Theodore.

The family currently milk 280 cows. They provide quality milk that was recognized by their cooperative MMPA in 2016.

Leroy and Stephanie have three children.  Allison is 19 and studying Ag Business at MSU, Kyle is 18 and a junior in high school, and Keith is 17 and a sophomore in high school.

The family is active in 4-H.  Leroy serves as a board member to Indiana Dairy Assoc. and Steph is a board of director for Michigan Farm Bureau.

"The farm is a great place to raise kids and we take pride in providing a quality product for our consumers."