Michigan Milk Cup Featured Farmer: Windemuller Family

Paul and Brittany Windemuller have 4 children: Paxton, Judah, Irelyn, and Prudence, ranging from 5 years to 3 months.

Paul has always dreamed about becoming a dairy farmer and worked on several dairy farms since he was young. He currently works part time for Seneca Dairy Systems helping farmers design new barns and furnish them with the most efficient and effective equipment to help keep their cows comfortable.

He is involved in a Hay business with his Dad and Uncles and they currently farm about 220 acres of hay.

Paul is involved with their milk cooperative, DFA, as a delegate and as a participant in the Emerging Leaders Program. He is also on the board of Ottawa County Farm Bureau.  

The family purchased their farm 4 years ago and started to turn it into a dairy farm. Today they care for about 200 cows. This past February they installed 3 robotic milkers that allow the cows to be milked when they want.

The family credits their success with the wonderful team of people helping them. They feel blessed that they can do what they love every day.